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Dr. Mirian Organ's Women's Spa delivers the ultimate spa experience to her clients giving them a special time of tranquility from the rush of daily life. It is privately owned and operated by Dr. Organ who is a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist

It is a different kind of Spa that offers pain free treatments that work for the 21st century practice of medicine even though it is based upon century old principles.
Each color, music sounds and aroma has been thoughtfully selected so that from your first step into our spa you’ll be immersed in a climate of complete relaxation. When entering through our doors we want you to take a deep breath and begin the calming process. Come explore with us and discover the health benefits of spending time in our breathtaking boutique like setting.

                                                                ABOUT DR. ORGAN

   She has been board certified for over 20 years, practiced medicine in several states.  She trained in Detroit Michigan where she did her medical school training at Wayne State University School of Medicine, Internship and Residency training at St. John Hospital and Health Systems. She moved to Milwaukee in 2011 where she enjoys spending time on the beach at Lake Michigan.  She has worked with women at all ages of their lives from preteens to reproductive years and menopause.  She is a wife, mother of 2, author, musician.  She is one of eleven kids including 1 of 7 sisters. She knows that woman carry so much responsibility, pain and hurt in their lives for years.  With not knowing how to release that burden it can affect her health. Dr. Organ's approach is about rewarding yourself in the kindest way. She is kind and her gentle touch will show what it means to care for yourself with niceness.  Dr. Organ's approach is about wholeness.  It appeals to a women's heart. body, soul, and mind.  She likes to heal without doing harm. 

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